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LOGOS VICTOR AGUDELO_Mesa de trabajo 1 c

DMA University of Memphis-USA

Associate professor and researcher of the Music Degree of the Adventist University Corporation (UNAC)


Member of number of the Association of Latin American Composers of Music of Art (CCLMA)

Victor’s exotic and exuberant country surprises us and is heard through the inexhaustible universe of his music: it's risky, impactful, expressive, playful, dramatic, solid, and perfectly interweaves everyday life into itself to reach the peak of musical expression.


Music that creates images. His works suggest a unique and rich sound journey that, due to their versatility, can tell a story by themselves or invigorate narrative when accompanying dance and audiovisual pieces in cinema, theater or TV.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-25 a la(s) 1

Photos by Daisy Thokora

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