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The Shaman´s Flow-World premiere, nov. 19, 2022-Wiesbaden, Germany-Commisioned by Jens Barnieck

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Photo by: UNESCO

When I heard music of Colombian composer Mr. Victor Agudelo, I was taken away

from the beautiful, mystical sounds and rhythms and the meaningful structure of his

compositions. After our zoom conversation, I was suitably impressed to commission him

for a new piano piece, including some extra musical sounds and noises and possibly

some visual elements. The idea is to work together on the musical implementation of the

theme and perform parts of the piece on the roof of a skyscraper here in Germany. The skyscraper is home and shelter for many people. Yet, it can

invite suicidal people to take their lives. From the roof of the skyscraper one can see into

the horizon and let the soul wander far away but being disturbed at the same time by

the sounds of the city juggernaut with its hustle and bustle. "Sounds of Heaven"

(Shamans) and "Sounds of the Abyss" (Demons) so to speak.

Notes by: Jens Barnieck

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