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"Algo va a suceder..." World premiere, October 8, 9,10/2021 by FWSO, Conductor: Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Our planet speaks to us, and day by day its voice is replicated by the voices of some of its inhabitants, who try to make us see the damage that generation after generation we have been doing. Global warming is one of the consequences of this human behavior and the thread of Algo va a suceder...

Influenced by the tale “Something very serious is going to happen in this town” by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, the sound narrative and the structure of this work is based on the rumor. There are eight characters whose melodic-rhythmic lines have been extracted from different Colombian accents, these enter one by one, creating a confusion of accents and a chaos of forebodings.

Commissioned by conductor, friend and colleague Miguel Harth-Bedoya, for his last concert as conductor of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

Miguel is one of those voices that calls us to take care of our wonderful planet.

Photo by: Christian Miller

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